Q: Can I install decals on textured walls?

A: Our decals work best on smooth non porous surfaces - drywall, wood, glass, metal. We are happy to send a sample for you to test out on your surface. Please email us at sales@wowhomedecor.com with your address and we will send out a sample right away.

Q: How long until I get my order?

A: Your decals are made to order. We start processing your order right away and typically our turnaround is about 1 week before shipping out. Our processing times may vary depending on work volume. Delivery times will vary depending on the destination.

Q: Are your wall decals removable? Can the decals be re-used?

A: They can be removed without damage to your walls when you are ready to change your decor!  Our decals are meant as a single use application.

Q: Do you make custom designs?

A: YES! We specialize in creating the perfect design just for your space. Email us your ideas and the dimensions of how big you'd like your design to be and we can help bring it to life.

Q: We just painted our walls, how long should we wait until installing the decals?

A: Fresh paint needs some time to cure. We recommend waiting at least 3 weeks before installing decals onto fresh paint in order to allow the paint to cure to your wall.

Q: Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

A: Your decals are made especially for you! With the custom nature of every order we take great care to produce your decals to the highest standards and trust they will surpass your expectations. Should there be a concern, we review exchanges on a case by case basis.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions!